Large or small

Let your dream become reality.

We can provide a complete construction service from the beginning.

We treat all customers with the same respect, no matter the scale of the project.

Anything is possible with the right attitude and a lot of knowledge.

Our goal is to ensure top quality workmanship, where we provide you with the highest standard of building. It maybe a small refit of a single room, bathroom, kitchen or a complete remodel of the existing dwelling.

How it works...

We will work with you to make your renovation, a positive stress free experience to achieve your desired results.  The first step will be to contact us for a no obligation free chat. We'll run through your renovation requirements with you and from there, we will make a plan to move forward with your project.

The starting point can be in many forms but usually an architect or draftsman will need to get concept drawings made up from the ideas and discussions we have had.

You then choose your preferred plans and we move forward to develop them into workable building drawings with full details that can then be lodged with the council for consent purposes.

Your quote would then be worked out from these drawings.  They will be explained to you in detail and left with you for your approval.

Once approved, a contract is drawn up, scheduling is completed and you're on your way to fulfilling your dream.

Smaller renovations that do not require drawings or structural consent may be simpler and more straight forward in the planning.  It maybe possible to move right into a quote if after discussions with us clarity of the scope of work is agreed upon.

Quite often projects involve a combination of the above, or you may need a ball park quote first to see if what you have in mind, fits with your budget.

Why Us? / What you can expect

When you're looking for a building company to help you with your project, we've got a team of highly skilled professionals to work with you.  Our processes and commitment ensure the best quality, structurally and asthetically. We are always going the extra mile to make your home as special as possible. If you have great idea we will help you realise these through our knowledge and skills.

Clr construction limited? Talk to us!

If you're interested in CLR Construction Limited helping you fulfill your dream, we'd love to hear from you. For a no obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 027 2423448 or click here, fill out the form and we'll be in touch fast.